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Bash Vulnerability

There has been a critical vulnerability found in Bash which affects Linux distributions that use or have Bash installed.

More details about the issue can be found here: http://web.nvd.nist.gov/view/vuln/detail?vulnId=CVE-2014-6271

We would ask all our dearest best cheap VPS hosting clients to ensure you keep your systems up to date – naturally this is taken care of by us automatically if you have a management plan with us.

Some more info about the issue can be found on these pages:



To test if your version of Bash is vulnerable, run the following command:

$ env x='() { :;}; echo BAD' bash -c "test"

If the output of the above command looks as follows:


You are using a vulnerable version of Bash.

If you run the above example with the patched version of Bash, you should get an output verifying you are not vulnerable:

$ env x='() { :;}; echo BAD' bash -c "echo test"

bash: warning: x: ignoring function definition attemptbash: error importing function definition for `x'test

If you are running an unmanaged VPS with us, then please ensure you update bash via your distributions package manager or open a ticket with our support team for assistance.


New Generation Cloud: The out of box experience

One of the key benefits of moving to the Cloud is the separation of data storage from the server. Why limit your storage by relying on what can be fitted into a server when you can have external all-singing, all-dancing supersize storage on a network?  The SAN (storage area network) has become  one of the key components of Cloud architecture. Outside the box, linked to it by a local network.  Great idea.

The  old limitations on storage size no longer applied  – data storage could be increased to …  as much as you want. Instead of running both software and storage, the server could now be largely dedicated to running applications alone. SANs brought other benefits too, such as the ability to easily move storage electronically (rather than physically) and to boot servers from the SAN itself when faults occur. For media applications, the server could be by-passed completely: consumers could access media  direct from the SAN.

With wider usage of SANs however, problems began to emerge. The most obvious  was cost. A high-end SAN can cost over $1million. This puts it beyond the reach of all but the largest  companies. If you want to add disaster recovery, by linking it to a second SAN in a different  location, the cost is off the clock. As a result,  many hosting companies began to use cheap ones, or cobbled together parts that were essentially SAN by name, but not by nature. I will never forget visiting a ‘data centre’ in New Jersey with a colleague in the early days of the Cloud.  We had been intrigued by an offer of super-cheap Cloud. We walked in the front door (null points for security) and found ourselves  in a room that looked a little like the Warlock’s in Die Hard 4. Wires and pieces of kit were everywhere.  They explained that this was their own DIY SAN and the secret of how they were able to offer cut-price Cloud!

Another problem emerged: catastrophic failure risk. The SAN does nothing to address an old, old  risk that hosting companies don’t like to talk about too much. If you have all your storage in one place, you have, by definition, a single point of failure for all your data. Not nice.

Three years ago, we complained long and loud to our hardware and software suppliers, Dell and OnApp about these limitations. Surely, there must be a better way. To our delight, they have put their heads together and come up with a solution. A whole new architecture, in fact. We have been test-driving it since the middle of last year and have begun implementing it for clients with great success in the last few months.

Did I mention how much we like it? We love it. We want to have its babies. It does more than solve the problems. It is just better in so  many ways. It is so fast, that its hard to believe.

Dell and OnApp have rethought the way the Cloud works from the bottom up. They have developed a new combination of hardware and software that just does everything better. To put it very simply: it’s faster, better and cheaper. A lot.


Back in the box.

Yes. Dell have put data storage back in the box. This may sound like a step backwards but it is not. The combination of hardware and software managing the new server is magical. By moving storage into a separate, abstracted layer within the hypervisor servers themselves, means with some very clever management your data is always as close to your virtual server as it can be.


So, your data is used intelligently using an internal ‘distributed SAN’ model. With an external SAN, your storage is kept on a physically separate machine, connected over the network. Result: more opportunities for bottlenecks and slower transfer speeds. The OnApp control software uses storage more intelligently: local storage (in the same machine) is used first so you don’t need to go out on the network to retrieve data. Result: data in the same box, and accessible at lightning fast speed.

Oh yes, did I mention that each of our servers uses 256Gb of RAM? That’s the kind of capacity you’d expect from two hundred or so home computers in your bedroom all linked together. No its not. Its much better. We use more powerful hard drives – SSDs and very fast SAS drives. That’s more power than your bedroom ever dreamed of.  Lets just say it is so powerful that we can’t find a new word for it.


The new architecture just works so much better. A large number of users can share incredible power and resources in an intelligently managed way. If you have ever used a shared server, you will know the problem that arises when someone decides to manage the Apollo space programme on it: they hog all the  resources and the system slows down to a crawl. In the new configuration, the sophisticated OnApp management software monitors usage: if you need more resource, you may need to upgrade but no one else suffers. Expecting a huge increase at short notice in site traffic? Just scale up your virtual server resources instantly – try that with a traditional dedicated server.  There is also greatly increased flexibility in administrative operations like backup, failover and disaster recovery.

But its not just about power.  The intelligent handling of resources  by the OnApp software speeds up the whole system.


Getting rid of the old superduper $1 million-a-go SAN obviously cuts costs dramatically. But more intelligent use of software also means fewer physical servers are needed to handle the same workload.

Kakihosting provide unparalleled UK pricing for enterprise cloud. Prices start at £9.99 for a full cloud server based on 1Gb RAM and 1.2GHz CPU – which is by some distance the best value cloud product in the UK. We provide you something that will support everything like java, etc.

Lance Blackstone


Kakihosting cuts the cost of high-end hosting with OnApp, PEER1 & Dell

The result of over 3 years of careful research and development, Kakihosting ushers in a new era for cloud – utilising next generation technology to provide true enterprise-grade resilience and power at a fraction of the expected cost.

Kakihosting worked closely with Dell and OnApp to develop its cloud hosting service, and are pioneers of a new platform  that combines the OnApp cloud management system with Dell enterprise hardware. Featuring high-end SSD/SAS storage and 10Gb networking throughout, the Kakihosting architecture is designed to optimise cloud scalability, performance and resilience.

“It’s fantastic to see Kakihosting bring such an aggressively priced and full-featured cloud service to market,” said Kosten Metreweli, OnApp’s Chief Commercial Officer. “When you build your cloud with Dell and OnApp, you’re getting best-in-class hardware and cloud management software in a package that’s tested and proven. It’s a combination that lets hosting like Kakihosting do what they do best: bring high performance, high quality cloud services to their customers.”

By harnessing the platform’s power, flexibility and integrated storage technology, Kakihosting provide unparalleled UK pricing for enterprise cloud. Prices start at £9.99 for a full cloud server based on 1Gb RAM and 1.2GHz CPU – which is by some distance the best value cloud product in the UK.

“You don’t have to spend sixty pounds a month or more to get a robust hosting service for your apps,” says Peter Duggal, Managing Director of Kakihosting. “With Kakihosting you can spend less than ten, and get performance and features that put expensive providers to shame.”

Each Kakihosting server is  fully self-healing with automatic failover, and provides the perfect base for any hosting scenario – from rock solid web hosting to handling the most demanding of mission-critical applications.

Kakihosting – Better, Faster, Cheaper Cloud from only £9.99

For further information please get in touch with Managing Director, Peter Duggal by email at peter@netscangroup.com, or on Twitter (@Kakihosting).

Visit Kakihosting at www.kakihosting.com

March competition!

With spring in the air we’ve decided to launch a twitter competition to win win a fully managed Micro Cloud for 1 whole year! Easy as anything, all you need to do to enter is retweet news about the competition, (and follow us of course so we can DM you if you win.) Our Micro Cloud has 1Gb RAM and 1.2GHz CPU and usually sells for £9.99 a month. You can find us on twitter here to get RT’ing! If you want to find out more about the Kakihosting you can always join us for #KakihostingHour from 12 – 1 every Friday.


Happy New Kakihosting!


Kakihosting is the UK’s leading enterprise grade VPS provider, delivering ‘true’ cloud on our next generation platform at unparalleled pricing.

To celebrate our launch this month we’re offering a 20% discount on all Virtual Private Servers (VPS).

You can follow us on Twitter for the very latest news and offers at @Kakihosting Use the voucher code HAPPYNEWVIBE to receive your discount – meaning it will be around £7.99 for a high end cloud server, which should make January a little less blue!

We look forward to hosting you on our next generation cloud platform!

Kakihosting – Better, Faster, Cheaper Cloud from £9.99

logoWelcome to Kakihosting – Better, Faster, Cheaper Cloud from £9.99

Kakihosting is the UK’s leading enterprise grade VPS provider, delivering ‘true’ cloud on our next generation platform at unparalleled pricing.

As part of the Netscan Group, we have over 15 years of in-depth experience in providing award winning hosting solutions globally and our relentless focus on providing innovative web solutions for our customers has fuelled strong growth for the business.